Jennifer Williamson for Secretary of State
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Meet Jennifer

Jennifer Williamson is a proven progressive leader for Oregon.

As House Majority Leader, Jennifer Williamson led the fight to pass the most progressive paid family leave law in the nation, stood up to the NRA, and guaranteed access to birth control and reproductive healthcare for all Oregon women.

Jennifer also helped push through record investments in our public schools, put more money in the paychecks of working people, and made sure the House finally took action on climate change.

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From Jennifer


I’m voluntarily limiting big corporate money in my campaign.

And I’m fighting to make sure the voices of grassroots Oregonians are not silenced.

Oregon is one of only five states in the nation that allows unlimited contributions to political campaigns from corporations.

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In the news

Democrat secretary of state hopefuls debate in Sunriver.

“We’re now in a fight not just for our civil rights, but for our very democracy,” Williamson said. “I’ll fight for every federal dollar available for cybersecurity, to protect our election data, our records, our registration system and our process.”

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In the news

Secretary of State candidates debate public trust, election integrity

Williamson said making sure the state election process is safeguarded is a priority because people trusting the system is crucial to making it work.

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Jennifer Williamson knows the very foundation of our democracy is under threat.

From extremists trying to undermine our civil liberties to a President who invites foreign countries to interfere in our elections, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

We need a proven progressive as our next Secretary of State to defend what makes Oregon so special.  We need Jennifer Williamson. 



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